Curriculum Vitae

Eriksen WordPress CV (Nov2014)

J. Indigo Eriksen


Professional fluency in Spanish; Reading proficiency in French


San Francisco State University (2009-2012)

San Francisco, California Master of Arts

Comparative Literature, Spanish Certificate in Immigrant LiteraciesGPA 3.95

Mills College (2008-2009)

Oakland, California

Master of Fine Arts

Creative Writing Program, FictionGPA 3.8

Lewis & Clark College (1999-2003)

Portland, Oregon Bachelor of Arts

Environmental StudiesGPA 3.2

TEACHING EXPERIENCE_______________________________________________

Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge (Present)

15200 Neabsco Mills Road Woodbridge, VA 22191-4099

Assistant Professor of English

-Inspire students to analyze, recognize, and implement writing strategies

-Teach students to navigate all stages of the writing process,

emphasizing revision and reflection-Transform the classroom into a learning community based on critical inquiry-Develop syllabuses and curriculum for composition and literature classes

Blue Ridge Community College (2012-2014)

Box 80, One College Lane, Weyers Cave, VA

Associate Instructor 

-Piloted new composition class that bridges developmental and pre-requisite courses-Created OER composition course as recipient of VCCS Chancellor’s Grant

Making Waves Education Program, Richmond California (2010-2012)200 24th Street, Richmond, CA 94804 (510) 215-6305

Tutor and Mentor to college-bound urban youth of Richmond, CaliforniaSpecialty areas include: English, Literature, History, Spanish, Analytic and Creative Writing, Reading

Additional Teaching Experience____________________________________________

San Francisco State University

Shakespeare, Representative Plays (2011)

Teacher Assistant to Dr. Gitanjali Shahani

San Francisco State UniversityGlobal Literatures and the Short Story (2010) Teacher Assistant to Dr. Gitanjali Shahani

-Co-taught, developed and delivered lesson plan-Administered and graded mid-term exam and quizzes-Designed and held outside study sessions, held office hours-Successfully addressed potential crisis-situation with a student

San Francisco State University Introduction to Comparative Literature (2010) Teacher Assistant to Dr. Dane Johnson

Galileo Learning  (2011, 2012)

Lead Art Instructor-Guided elementary age students through context-specific, skill-based art lessons situated in historical art movements

Mills College Creative Writing Thesis Class  (2009)

Teacher Assistant

-Edited, advised, supervised theses of undergraduate creative writers  -Advised small group, developed lesson plans


JMU-BRCC Transfer Alignment Grant (2014)

Partnered with JMU partner to develop a three-stage writing packet to be distributed to college faculty. Teaching packet guides students through the stages of the writing process, including deep emphasis on research, avoiding plagiarism, and reflection.

Virginia Chancellor’s OER Adoption Grant (2013)

Received grant to develop a textbook-free course for College Composition  Developed curriculum based on OER resources (Open Electronic Resources)

San Francisco State University (2011, 2012)

Travel grants for presentation & attendance at NeMLA 2011, 2012

San Francisco State University (2010)

Travel grant for language study in FranceTravel grant to attend Decolonizing Knowledge and Power conference in Tarragona, Spain

Mills College Research Grant (2008)

Grant to travel to Palestine for research on human rights

International Education__________________________________________________

Decolonization of Power and Knowledge (2010)

Tarragona, SpainSummer research program

Institut Européen de Français (2010)

Montpellier, FranceIntensive language classes in French

Escuela Horizonte (2005)

Estelí, Nicaragua Intensive language classes in Spanish

Popul Vuh (2004)

Quetzaltenango, GuatemalaIntensive language classes in Spanish

Related Academic Experience______________________________________________

Portals Comparative Literature Journal (SFSU)


Managing Editor (2010), Associate Editor (2009, 2011)

San Francisco State University


Administrative and Research Assistant

Classics and Comparative Literature Department

Outsider Poetry Anthology (Mills College)


Managing Editor


“Enter the House: Desert Ode,” “Heartbeat,” and “Walt Whitman: A Tribute”

 Scratching Against the Fabric, Unbound Content, LLC, forthcoming 2014

“Conflicted City: The City as Site of Conflict in Brother, I’m Dying and ‘Leyenda de la Tatuana.’” Portals: A journal in comparative literature Vol 8 (2010)

CONFERENCES with Papers Presented_____________________________

“Chiapas,” “South,” “Story”

pending January 2015

Bridgewater College International Poetry Festival

“Underdiscovered: The Potential for Joy, Fulfillment, and Job Security

at the Community College” (Roundtable)

pending April 2014

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), Harrisburg, PA. Chair

“’For a Single, Beautiful Word’: The Construction of Blackness in the Parsley Massacre:

Furious Flower Poetry Conference

September 2014

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA. Moderator

“No-cost Textbooks: The Magical World of OERs and Creative Commons Licensing”

Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Fall 2013 Instructional Technology Summit

September 2013

Blue Ridge Community College, Weyers Cave, VA

From Whose History Excluded: Bodies and Borders in the Caribbean,”

March 2013

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), Boston MA. Chair

“Collage, an Autobiography;” and other poems

January 2013

Bridgewater College International Poetry Festival

“Conflicted City: The City as Site of Colonialism, Conflict, and Difference in  Edwidge Danticat and Miguel Angel Asturias,”

March 2012

American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA)

Providence, RI.

Negotiating the Changing Nature of Academia (Roundtable),”

March 2012

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)

Rochester NY. Chair    


  Unlikely mirror: The cyborgization of Yzur and the female body(ies) in Pubis angelical,

March 2012

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)

Rochester, NY.

Bending The Rules in New Latin American Literature: Literature and National Identity in Haiti and the Dominican Republic,”

April 2011

Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)

Newark, NJ

Hidden Anxieties: Deconstructing the Construction of Identity in the Song of Roland,”

March 2011

Iconoclasm: The Breaking and Making of Images,

University of Toronto, Canada.

Bending The Rules: Literature and National Identity in Haiti and the DR”

November 2010

Dis/placing Boundaries in the Romance World,

University of Oregon

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT in the VCCS ________________________

Adjunct Evaluation Committee, present

Committee member of the Woodbridge Adjunct Evaluation Committee; review and rank adjunct portfolios; attend committee meetings to develop plans to support quality adjunct instruction; serve as mentor to adjuncts as part of the newly established peer mentor groups

CETL Teaching Squares, present

Participant in a non-evaluative process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection; observed colleagues throughout the semester in order to reflect and improve on my own best practices.

The Northern Virginia Review, present

Blogger, pending Board approval

Post monthly posts on The Northern Virginia Review blog;

Expand the online presence of TNVR by interviewing local writers, connecting various communities with local artistic happenings, and creatively assist in deepening TNVR’s identity.

The Rising Phoenix, present


Collaboration with faculty members in the Woodbridge Communications and Theatre programs to sponsor a night of student performance in Spring 2015.

Chancellor’s Developmental Education Institute, present

Attended a week long seminar aimed at deep discussion of the reality of developmental education in the VCCS; attend meetings throughout the year to strengthen engagement in developmental education pedagogy; attend the 2015 summer reunion and contribute to the VCCS’ strategic vision for developmental educational classes.

JMU-BRCC Transfer Alignment Grant, present

Partnered with JMU partner to develop a three-stage writing packet to be distributed to college faculty. Teaching packet guides students through the stages of the writing process, including deep emphasis on research, avoiding plagiarism, and reflection.

VCCS English/ESL Peer Group, present

“OER Panel Discussion,” panelist

“Reflections from the 2014 Master Teacher Seminar,” presenter

NeMLA CV Clinic, 2014, 2015

Logistical Assistant

Organize professional mentorship opportunity between tenured faculty and graduate students at the annual NeMLA convention;

Complete logistical arrangements including recruiting faculty mentors, distribution of CVs, and creative solve last minute complications.

2014 Virginia Master Teacher Seminar

Participated in a week long exchange of ideas, teaching strategies, innovations, and philosophy with educators across disciplines from the VCCS

Virginia Chancellor’s Open Educational Resources (OER) Adoption Grant,


Participant in Phase I and II of grant;

Received grant to develop a textbook-free course for College Composition  Developed curriculum based on OER resources (Open Electronic Resources);

Worked with a VCCS wide English team to collate OER resources for ENG 111, 112, and ENF classes

BRCC Staff Appreciation Committee, 2014


Coordinated college wide event to demonstrate appreciation for staff;

Organized individual thank you letters to be written for each staff member;

Successfully oversaw all logistical arrangements for event

BRCC ESL/Developmental English Tutor Hiring Committee, 2014

Reviewed application portfolios for grant funded tutor program at BRCC;

Interviewed applicants for open positions;

Supervised tutor embedded in classroom

SOCIAL JUSTICE EXPERIENCE___________________________________

Harrisonburg Rockinghamd Free Clinc, Harrisonburg VA


Volunteered as front office assistant and Spanish-English translator for local clinic serving the medical needs of low-income chronic care patients

RAW Talent, Richmond CA


Mentored high school writers from under-resourced communities

Harrisonburg Free Clinic (2013)

25 W Water St Harrisonburg, VA 22801, (540) 433-5431

Front Office Assistant, Translator, Writer

Performed a wide range of administrative and office support activities in a fast paced medical office supporting the needs of a diverse group of patients Provided verbal and written Spanish-English translations in a medical contextResearched, interviewed, wrote and edited articles for the website and newsletterCreatively responded to a variety of challenging situations and special projects

CPT Human Rights Delegation on the U.S.-Mexico Border(2008)

Participated on a nine-day human rights delegationalong the U.S-Mexico borderSpoke with various human rights organizations, activists, and people affected by the U.S. foreign and domestic policy along the border

CPT Human Rights Delegation to Palestine(2008)

Participated on a two week human rights delegation in the Palestine, and Israel                               Interviewed Palestinian and Israeli peace workers and activists

Chiapas Peace House Project, Chiapas, Mexico (2004-2006)

Volunteer, Transition Co-Coordinator (2006)Contributed to monthly newsletterAssisted in Spanish-English translations

Maderas del Pueblo del Sureste, A.C., Chiapas, Mexico (2005-2006) Assistant to the Director

Organized office library, assisted in clerical tasks and translationsAccompanied director to community meetingsAssisted in weekly radio program, workshops, and educational eventsPerformed vital research for special projects

Procede Conference(2006

)International Observer at conference concerning land rights in Mexico

New Community Project, Guatemala (2005)

Learning Delegation Co-leader

Organized, planned, and led human rights delegation to Guatemala

Hurricane Stan Response(2005

)Fundraised for immediate response to effects of Hurricane Stan Organized distribution of funds and site visits

Enlace Civil (2005)

Lived in Zapatista community as human rights observerSurveyed area for military presence

San Antonio Catholic Worker House (2003-2004)

Resident Volunteer

Assisted in and supervised community soup kitchen

Worked with resident homeless families in goal setting, job searches

empowerment, and other responsibilitiesMediated conflicts between community members

Instituto Meso-America de Permacultura (IMAP)(2004)

Organized the donation and installation of wind turbine, solar panels, equipment

Witness for Peace Human Rights Delegation to Colombia(2004)

Participated on a twelve day human rights delegation to Colombia Interviewed Colombian human rights activists and organizations

Lewis & Clark College Environmental Research Group(2003)

Researched local corporate pollution emissions for public report

INVITED PERFORMANCES (original poetry)__________________________Eriksen WordPress CV (Nov2014)

Son of Warrirors: Amiri Baraka Tribute

January 2014

hosted by Paul Somers and the Blue Nile

Emily Dickinson Tribute

December 2013

hosted by Paul Somers and The Blue Nile

JMuse Café Poetry and Place

November 2013

Hosted by JMufe Café

Seamus Heaney Tribute

September 2013

Hosted by Paul Somers and the Artful Dodger

The Wasteland: T.S. Eliot Tribute

April 2013

hosted by Paul Somers and the Artful Dodger

47 Court Square, Harrisonburg, VA


March 2013Allen Ginsberg/Jack Kerouac Tribute

hosted by Paul Somers and the Artful Dodger Harrisonburg, VA

“Desert Ode”

January 2013

Poets’ Showcase Bridgewater College International Poetry Festival, 

Bridgewater VA

“Fox Alone;” “Of murders and mystery, you”

October 2012

Edgar Allan Poe Tribute hosted by Paul Somers and the Artful Dodger, Harrisonburg, VA

“Four legs like two”

September 2012

Walt Whitman Tribute hosted by Paul Somers and the Blue Nile, Harrisonburg, VA


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